Boot Camp Program for Young Professionals

Our flagship program covers the modern history of Israel, the major issues surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and best practices for effectively discussing these topics in the real world.


Israeli History

Explore how Hebrew sovereignty was reestablished in the land of Israel for the first time in 2000 years.

Conflict Issues

Dive into core components of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and understand their deeper complexities.

Civil Discourse

Dialogue skills, interactive exercises and special guest speakers provide unique insight and turn theory into practice.

Spring 2021 Online Boot Camp
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Frequently Asked Questions

Boot Camp is exclusively for young professionals, 22-40 years old. We offer separate workshops for synagogues, community groups, as well as high school and college students. If you are interested in scheduling a workshop with us, please email [email protected].

Due to Covid-19, Boot Camp is exclusively online through Zoom. Previously the program was offered in-person in New York City, Miami, Boston, and Los Angeles, and we hope to resume doing so as soon as possible.

Boot Camp is offered three times per year — during fall, winter, and spring.

Spring 2021 Boot Camp Schedule (all sessions are 7:30-9:30 PM ET)

  1. Tuesday, May 4
  2. Tuesday, May 11
  3. Tuesday, May 25
  4. Tuesday, June 1
  5. Tuesday, June 8
  6. Tuesday, June 15
  7. Tuesday, June 22

The overwhelming majority of participants are Jews, but we provide an inclusive space that’s friendly to people of all backgrounds.

Boot Camp is welcoming to both introductory and experienced learners alike. There is no prior knowledge requirement in order to participate.

The answer is yes. We pride ourselves on facilitating an experience that’s inclusive enough to make both the left and the right comfortable, while simultaneously helping each to challenge their own views. Our only requirement is that you support Israel’s existence as the sovereign, national embodiment of the Jewish people. Beyond that, we genuinely don’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican, one-stater or two-stater, if you think Israel is too secular or religious, how you feel about the Nation-State Law… Our goal is for you to come to your own positions, for those positions to be deeply considered, and for you to possess the confidence to persuasively articulate them to other people.

Boot Camp Requirements

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